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Issues faced by sales teams today:

  • How do you differentiate yourselves from your competition?    
  • How do you get your customers to be interested in what you’re offering?     

Consider this solution:

Delapro offers you something more valuable than a solution; we show you how to think creatively on your feet.  It is said that you enjoy sustained success when you learn how to fish instead of being offered a fish a day.  Once your teams learn to think creatively and for the customer, they can overcome any challenge.  We offer this technique in the following areas:

  • Sales conversations
  • Quality processes
  • RFP responses
  • Product and service positioning
  • Presentations (development & delivery)
  • Voice training and scripting


Issues with training today:
Today's environment is digital. Video marketing is going to be the new standard. Not everyone is good at making videos. Also, it takes a new employee about 8 weeks to be ready to do productive work. Why does a new employee need to go into every new job clueless? Why can't they go in already thinking like a leader?

Consider this solution:
1. Video increases your connection by over 60%. Consider creating a video profile of yourself. Let us create a compelling profile for you.

2.  What if a new employee can start to become productive at work just 3 to 4 weeks into any new job?  

Other benefits:
As this is a personal branding exercise, it is also suitable to be a leadership training programme. Let us help you create your first marketing video and coach you into starting every job with a leader mindset. 


Issues most of us face today:

Communication - speaking or writing - is at the heart of everything we do. Even AI requires good articulation for a translation software to work.  

Consider this solution:

The key to effective communication is always considering the view of the listener or reader. In fact, this form of writing is no different from selling. When you communicate, you are selling an idea.

Delapro has short and effective training on business and creative writing as well as a one-day phonetics programme made easy. You can now become a more effective communicator in a very short time.

Check out our one-day Phonetics Workshop, which is possibly the most effective and creative phonetics training in Singapore and certainly the most affordable. Participants can also claim the fee from SkillsFuture Credit. 

communicating for success

Speaking well is the first step to communicating effectively. And to speak well, we need to make sure our foundation is strong. That's where phonetics is key. Moreover, if you intend to start on video marketing yourself, you have to speak well in front of the camera. 


Delapro's Phonetics Workshop is possibly the best value-for-money phonetics training you will find in Singapore, at just $180 which you can claim from SkillsFuture Credit. In just one day, you will be able to harness the power of phonetics to become a better speaker and a more effective - and successful - communicator. Take that first step to strengthening your foundation of speech today. 


The next class is on 21 December 2019 at:

LTC Building D #05-01

16 Arumugam Road

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To register for this final Phonetics workshop in 2019, write to or call Joseph on (65)9743974 and you will be guided on how to claim from SkillsFuture Credit.

Note: All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the Training Exchange course directory.

Delapro also offers communication, leadership and critical thinking training to private individuals and small enterprises such as schools or shops that are looking at affordable training in sales/service, people development or voice coaching. We believe everyone should have access to these skills. This offer is strictly for individual development and we reserve the right to access participants' suitability prior to accepting them. Please contact us for a no-obligations chat and quote. 

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