Curriculum 2019 - COMMUNICATION



Phonetics Workshop (Speak Better for Success)


Do you aspire to be an interesting and influential communicator? When we speak well, we are immediately more convincing, more intelligent, more powerful, more successful. Speaking well starts with having a strong foundation in speech. Phonetics is key to building that foundation.

Desired outcome

At the end of this workshop, the learner will:

  • be able to immediate speak better 
  • become more confident speaking in front of any audience
  • learn to continually get better with speaking using the techniques learned in the workshop

What's different with Delapro?

Delapro has over 10 years of sales process management experience in the corporate and financial institutional sectors, spanning cash management, trade and securities services. Learners get a myriad of real-life examples and learn from real-life mistakes made by industry players. Moreover, we aim to change the way your employees think when it comes to thought process and communication. Every task with Delapro is viewed from a creative angle regardless of its degree of complexity.
Delapro is probably the only company in the market offering such training.


  • Trainer-led
  • Presentation with class exercises

Minimum/Maximum learners

Minimum 5 learners per class; no maximum


1 day of 8 classroom hours in total

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales
  • Customer-facing personnel
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Parents who wish to set a positive example of clear communication for their children

Course Fee

S$180 per learner (claimable from SkillsFuture Credit)

This workshop is usually 9:00 am to 6:00 pm one Saturday a month at:

05-01 LTC Building D, 16 Arumugam Road.

The next lesson is on 17 August 2019

Think and Speak Like a Leader


Good leaders make good decisions.  It is a skill that comes with experience and wisdom.  There are certain habits that effective leaders adopt that make them maintain their credentials.  In this workshop, you will learn how to formulate your thought process like an effective leader.  Moreover, you will also learn how to address a difficult situation when you do not know the answer to.  This workshop also teaches you how to speak like a leader that commands respect.  

Desired outcome

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand how a leader approaches communication.
  • understand what the key considerations are when making a decision.
  • communicate in a way that influences decisions and meets the intended objective(s).
  • adopt leadership competencies, through effective communication, that enhances your leadership credentials.

What's different with Delapro?

Delapro has over ten years of communication and leadership experiences in a global setting, involving stakeholders from many nationalities. The lesson is packed with real-life examples and cases that allow learners to use as relevant touch points for their unique situations.


  • Trainer-led
  • Video, group discussions and individual exercises
  • Digital platform

Minimum/Maximum learners

Minimum 25 learners, maximum 50


2.5 hours

Who should attend?

  • Executives
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • Those in sales, customer service, relationship management, training, PR and HR
  • Those who are transitioning into a supervisory role

Course fee

Write to to ask about the next session.

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